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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you forgotten Username or Password?
You can type in your email address on the forgot password page and your information will be emailed to you.

How do I change my password?
You can changed your password, user name or email address in your My Account screen or by clicking here.

When I try to add funds to my account my Credit Card is declined.
Credit Card processing companies such as Paypal sometimes rejects credit cards that are good. They have a fraud protection system that looks for red flags and sometimes cards are denied based on such flags. Most commonly if you mistype the billing address they will lockout a card for 24hrs before letting you try again. This does not mean you have done anything wrong. You can use the other payment systems. They are so effective and secure as the one you had selected.

Is the payment process secure?
Of course. You can click on the padlock at the bottom of your browser to check certifies. (When requesting credit card data)

How can I check my account balance?
Your account information can be accessed by clicking the My Account link at the top of the page.

What's the difference between Nude Chat and VIP Chat?
In a VIP show the model is only for you. You can ask model to do what you want to see. You can chat with model while nobody is watching her/him. In Nude Chat, model is naked in a show doing what she/he wants, and there's a lot of people looking, and chatting. If you want a exclusive show, go to VIP Chat. In VIP show, the model can see you.

Will the performers do anything I want during a VIP show?
Each performer decides what they are willing to do. Ask them in free chat if they are willing to do what you request before going in Private chat.

What happens, when the connection is interrupted during a Private show?
Customers are only charged for Private shows when there is an active connection. Since our servers send live video to your browser it checks every second for a response from your chat window. If the system establishes there is a connection it deducts from your account accordingly. If there is no response from your browser then the Private show is over and nothing is deducted.

How do I cancel my membership and delete my account?
Please send an email asking us to delete your account. Make sure you include your username and password in the email.

If you have a question that is not covered here you can send us an email. or try contacting Customer Service if online.